SOP Assistance

SOP Assistance

Statement of Purpose abbreviated as SOP, itself describes its importance in the selection procedure during admissions. SOP as the name implies has to describe your purpose of selecting this college/university, your background details and most important your ambitions. SOPs or college admission essays are a way to describe yourself or explain your views and opinions to the admission committee sitting miles away from you.

These SOPs increases your chances of getting selected even if your admission test score (i.e., SAT/GMAT/GRE) is only average. It builds up your personality in front of the people who do not know you in person. If the SOPs describe you exactly the way you are, they increase your chances of admission.

We at SAO will help you understand the importance of SOPs and will also guide and help you in writing SOPs.

Do you have any tips on writing a Statement of Purpose?
Below are some tips for writing a Statement of Purpose that would help you to some extent:

There are many samples of college admission essay / statement of purpose on the internet. Read a couple of them to get an idea of what a good Essay / SOP may look like.

If your topic is “tell me about yourself”, don’t forget to mention your important educational and professional experience, but remember not all experiences are worth enough to be mentioned on your essay. Only mention about those topics which built up a positive impression about you, which tells about your good conduct, your active participation in sports and extra- curricular activities.

If you are given a free topic, try to choose one that is relevant with the program in which you want to enroll. If some general topic is given try to take some topic based on social issues and social welfare. You can take some topics of general awareness or environmental issues. Check your spelling and make sure that you use proper grammar. Use the Microsoft Word spell check and grammar check programs.

Ask somebody else that is more experienced than you to proof read your Essay or you can also avail our services of SOP evaluation. We have experienced experts who will assist you in writing good SOPs which will describe you and your personality completely.

We will NOT write the essay for you. Your essays should make a statement about you that only you could have written. It should reflect the person that you are, your passions, your ambitions and your values. Once you have a rough draft of your essays, we will evaluate your essays objectively. We will help you think through questions that may have never occurred to you. We will assist you in being creative and imaginative. And, finally, we will edit your essays for structure, grammar and language. In short, we will look at the essays as the admission team.


Who does it?
You would definitely like to know if the guidance available is the best.
Our editors are the once who already been gone through the procedure of essay evaluation and writing, they very well know what the admission committee wants in the essay. They know what point should be emphasized and what should be deleted so as to make a good essay that will make you stand apart from the crowd. They comprise expert professionals in India and abroad who have been helping students in this field for the last few years. They are highly qualified engineers and business school graduates who like to share their experiences and knowledge.
We will let you know more about your counselors when you subscribe to our services.