Mock Visa Interviews

Mock Visa Interviews

Obtaining a visa is the last and final step for a student planning to study abroad. If this fails, then all the other efforts end in vain. Gigeo of IMTP Consultancy feels that every student should study the visa procedure before starting the university application process. There is no guarantee that one can obtain a visa after completion of other necessary formalities.


The visa officers will examine the student critically and will observe if the candidate can contribute towards the economy. He will also examine whether he/she has the capability to survive in the country.Very few countries conduct visa interviews. In countries like the UK the visa process is less complicated when compared to the United States. If one follows the steps systematically, then there is a 99.9% chance of clearing the visa procedure.The system in the United States is different. It is a country that rejects maximum number of visa applications every year. Around 20% to 30% of the students do not clear the visa process.

During the visa interview the officer focuses on four factors. They are as follows:

·         Academic records and academic skills

·         A decent score for GRE/TOEFL/ IELTS/ SAT

·         The standard and ranking of the university into which the student gets admitted

·         Financial stability


It has been observed that around 80% of the students get rejected due to lack of funds.

During the interview process, the officer looks at the capability and confidence level of the candidate.According to Gigeo, attending a mock interview before the actual interview could be useful to reduce tension and nervousness. The student is expected to know everything about the university which includes the way of life, food habits and the living standard of the country where the student plans to study.